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Christy holds her own public talks via Zoom and does closed talks for schools, community groups and other organizations. In addition she does private sessions with families or small groups.
These are her current most popular talks. All talks can be tailored to the need of your school, group or organization. Christy also does private and bespoke chats.
To find out about talks happening soon, visit our Upcoming Chats page

The Chat 101

Empowering parents to talk about sex

Audience: Parents of children aged 2-12

Topics include:
Our sexual landscape
The beautiful version of sex
Myths about “the chat”
Having a game plan
Age guide

The Chat Continues

How to talk to tweens and teens about sex

Audience: Parents of children aged 9-16

Topics include:
Social media and porn
Maintaining connection

#wellconnected Junior

Laying solid digital foundations

Audience: Parents of children aged 0-8

Topics include:
Tech and brain development
Unhealthy habits and addictions
Digital safety
Creating a healthy digital culture
When things go wrong
Foundations for digital well-being


Raising healthy digital users

Audience: Parents of children aged 8-16

Topics include:
Tech and stage of life
Screens, anxiety and depression
Online danger and hostility
Healthy and unhealthy connections
Dopamine, addiction and porn
Social media and gaming
Coaching, supporting and releasing your young digital user

#wellconnected Schools

Equipping growing digital users

Audience: Grade 3 – 9

Topics include:
Stage of life
Age-specific challenges
Age-appropriate digital use
When things go wrong
Taking responsibility for digital well-being

#wellconnected Families

Creating a healthy digital culture at home

Audience: Family or one-on-one

Personalised sessions to help families establish healthy digital use in the home or help with specific issues or challenges

Greater Than

Creating a culture of belonging

Audience: High School

Topics include:
Belonging > Fitting in
Identity > Persona
Connection > Connectivity
Love > Tolerance

Sex, Selfies and Social Media

Reclaiming sexual health and freedom

Audience: High School

Topics include:
My body matters
Sex matters
Sex gone wrong
Why we have sex
Future-focused living

Bespoke Chats

Customised talks on requested topics

Audience: varied

Christy offers customized talks to tackle specific areas of concern such as Tik Tok or pornography, or targeted talks for various ages.

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