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Some conversations are tough to have, but it is often the most challenging dialogues which bring the greatest freedom and deepest connection. The heart of The Chat is to catalyze healthy, open, life-giving conversations around some of the big topics, such as sex, smart phones and social media in homes, schools and communities.

Birds, Bees and Destinies

Who we are

THE CHAT is a culture-shaping movement which exists to start conversations and impart accurate information around issues like sex, identity, social media and pornography. We believe that if these issues are left unaddressed they threaten to derail a generation.

The heart of THE CHAT is to empower parents to confidently tackle big topics with their kids in a natural, open manner which creates a safe space for on-going conversations. We also equip tweens and teens to make healthy, future-focused decisions around their sexuality, and to be wise digital users. Our passion is to help cultivate deep family connections and help raise a generation who are secure in who they are and where they are going.

THE CHAT was founded and is led by Christy Herselman, Christy has a background in journalism and teaching. She has written two books and currently divides her time between researching, writing, speaking and being a wife and mom. She lives in Umdloti with her husband Brad and her children Emily, Ryan and Blake.

Safe space.
Deep connection.

How It Started

THE CHAT was birthed in 2014 at a 7-year-old’s birthday party. During a mom chat, the question was asked, “Have you told your daughter about sex?” The question took us by surprise so Christy volunteered to do some research and report back. A few weeks later, the first session of THE CHAT took place in a lounge in Durban North. Since then we have journeyed with schools, churches, educators, children, teens and parents and the movement has grown exponentially and continues to gain momentum.

Talks & Workshops

We currently offer the following talks and workshops.

Christy holds her own public talks via Zoom and does closed talks for schools, community groups and other organizations. In addition she does private sessions with families or small groups. She also speaks often at public events, fundraisers and conferences.
Below are the details of her current most popular talks. However Christy often does tailored and targeted talks on specific topics such as TikTok, gender, pornography and building healthy connection.
For pricing, more information, bookings and tailored talks, please contact us

The Chat 101

Empowering parents to talk about sex

Audience: Parents of kids aged 2-12

The Chat Continues

How to talk to tweens and teens about sex

Audience: Parents of kids aged 9-16

#WellConnected Junior

Laying solid digital foundations

Audience: Parents of kids aged 0-8


Raising healthy digital users

Audience: Parents of kids aged 8-16

#wellconnected Schools

Equipping growing digital users

Audience: Grades 3 – 9

#wellconnected Families

Creating a healthy digital culture at home

Audience: Family or one-on-one

Sex, Selfies and Social Media

Reclaiming sexual health and freedom

Audience: High School

Greater Than

Creating a culture of belonging

Audience: High School

Bespoke Chats

Customised talks on requested topics

Audience: Varied

For more detail on the content of each talk, please visit our Talks & Workshops page.

Future-focused decisions

Where we are going

Collaborations: We are continually building partnerships with like-minded professionals, schools, churches and organisations in order to resource schools and families by running workshops, assisting with curriculum development and training facilitators.

Books: Christy has published three books and is currently researching a book for teens on dating and healthy relationships.

Online talks: The online space is working brilliantly for us, enabling us to reach more parents in more countries. We have also seen an increase in the number of dads attending, which is something we have been pursuing for some time. We hold our own talks, which are open to the public, as well as talks booked and arranged by schools or community groups themselves.

Product development: We are continually researching and expanding our Chat offering to include other major issues threatening the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical health of our young people. Currently Christy is developing content around the gender spectrum and the dangers of hook-up culture.

Feedback from schools

Cordwallas Prep School for Boys

“Your talks are always so enlightening and thought provoking, albeit a bit frightening too!”

Cordwallas Prep School for Boys

Hatfield Christian School

“It really has been an amazing deposit into our community and we look forward to an ongoing conversation!”

Hatfield Christian School

St Andrews School for Girls

“THANK YOU for the phenomenal talk last week- I wish more of our parents would attend, because I received such awesome and insightful feedback from our parents!”

St Andrews School for Girls

Curro Hillcrest

“Thank you so much for being with us and sharing your incredible wisdom and insight.”

Curro Hillcrest


“Your talk was so interesting, useful and informative.”


Our Lady of Fatima

“One of the staff commented that of all the talks that she has heard about social media, yours was the best!”

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

“Your stories were certainly rooted in real experiences and the harsh consequences of thoughtless actions.”

Our Lady of Fatima

Highbury Preparatory School

“Your input is sincerely appreciated. One starfish at a time!”

Highbury Preparatory School

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