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Safe Surfer costs around R50 a month only for The Chat users.
Safe Surfer costs around R50 a month only for The Chat users.

The internet is great – but it can be harmful to our young people.

We at The Chat recommend that monitoring and filtering software be installed on every child’s device.

Safe Surfer is a brilliant online safety app which does just that!

Safe Surfer creates safe spaces online that protect kids from harmful content like graphic violence, malware, illegal sites and pornography. Safe Surfer lets your family get on with the good stuff online.

Safe Surfer costs around R50 a month only available to The Chat users.

Keeping Safe on the Web with ‘Kyle the Kingfish’

Features include:

Block sites

  • Block 50+ categories like porn, ads, malware, and popular social media sites
  • Add your own websites to block or allow
  • Customize for each device
  • Full remote control, no need to access the protected devices

Check history

  • See which sites each device visits
  • View which sites have been blocked
  • Know when a device is active on the internet
  • Clear history and turn off all logging to protect privacy

Custom alerts

  • Get a summary of all interesting account activity
  • Email multiple people (e.g. support person)
  • Customize between weekly, daily, which devices, etc

Manage screentime

  • Restrict access to internet or particular sites
  • Choose times of the day/week
  • Choose an amount of screentime per day
  • Reward/deny screentime for some amount of time
  • Customize for particular devices

Nudity detection

  • Watch a device’s screen for explicit content
  • Black out when explicit content is detected (Android only)
  • Get instantly notified
  • Great for short screentime sessions for a child on their own device

Social media monitoring

  • Monitor a device’s notifications for swear words, drugs, sexting, and self harm
  • Get instantly notified
  • Add your own keywords (if you need)

Discounted rate for The Chat users.

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