The Chat

with Caitlyn de Beer

“Some conversations are tough to have, but it is often the most challenging dialogues which bring the greatest freedom and deepest connection.”

In Episode 32 we chat about why, more than ever before, we NEED to be having conversations around sex, with our children, as well as exploring tools to empower us, as parents or guardians, to do this.


with Caitlyn de Beer

In Caitlyn’s 46th podcast episode, I share my expertise on screen time, social platforms and advice for parents of young kids, and how this journey begins right now!!

I also chat about the importance of creating a culture and behaviours around social media and device-use in the home, from a super young age, as these habits will have huge ramifications in years to come.

As we find ourselves in the heart of isolation, let’s invest energy and time into understanding how and in what ways we can guide our kids to wise, safe and kind in this day and age.

Having 'The Chat' with your Children

If you think that talking to your child about sex is an impossible task, you’ll want to stay tuned, because Christy Hersleman talks about the importance of having conversations about sex with our children, in order to give them a healthy and accurate explanation of how God designed sex, and to dispel any myths and distortions before our kids end up with a warped view of sexual intimacy in marriage.

Raising Healthy Digital Users

If you have noticed that your child is constantly craving online connection and it’s causing you anxiety and fear, then this “Focus on the Family,” with Graeme Schnell, is the one to listen to. It explores what it looks like for parents to be on the front foot when it comes to our children being well connected in an online world.

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