Talks & Workshops

Each topic can be held as a talk or a workshop. Costs vary according to the duration of the talk or workshop.

We do tailor talks, workshops and pricing according to specific needs. If talks take place outside the greater Durban area, we ask that travel costs are covered.

For enquiries or a detailed overview of talk/workshop content, please contact us.


The Chat @ Home

We bring you The Chat in the comfort of your own home! You will have my undivided attention for 40 minute sessions, where you / your family / organisation can discuss any of the following topics:
Families / Adults / Groups

  • The Chat 101: Talking to your child about sex
  • The Chat Continues: Talking to tweens and teens
  • #wellconnected adults: Maintaining digital wellbeing
  • #wellconnected parents: Raising healthy digital users
  • Porn Protection: Guarding children against the ugly side of sex
  • Tailored Sessions: Tik Tok, blended families etc

The Chat 101

Equipping parents to talk about sex Parents of children aged 0-12
  • What sex really is: the science, the purpose, the power and the beauty
  • Our sexual landscape
  • Why talk to my kids?
  • The basics
  • The game plan

The Chat: Engaging Tweens & Teens

New topics. New conversations.
Parents of children aged 9-12

  • What sex really is: the science, the purpose, the power and the beauty
  • Our sexual landscape
  • 10 challenges and how to help our children navigate them well:
  • 1. Lack of accurate information
  • 2. Confusion between love and lust
  • 3. Technology
  • 4. Social media
  • 5. Pornography
  • 6. Masturbation
  • 7. Identity
  • 8. Lack of moral absolutes
  • 9. Dating
  • 10. Shame

#wellconnected: Parents

Raising healthy digital users
Parents of children with internet access

  • Overview of smart phones & social media
  • Effects on growing pains
  • Effects on emotional & social development
  • Helpful facts & stats
  • Practical tools to help raise healhty digital users

#wellconnected: Foundations

Parenting young digital users
Parents of children age 0-9

  • Overview of devices and apps
  • Effects on growing brains
  • Effects on emotional and social development
  • Helpful facts and statistics
  • Practical tools to help your child form healthy digital habits

#wellconnected: Kids & Teens

Equipping healthy digital users
Grades 3-12

  • Smart phones, social media & apps
  • Pros & cons
  • What can go wrong & what to do
  • Cyberbullying
  • Preventing digital addiction
  • Healthy digital habits

Sex, Selfies & Social Media

Navigating sex in 2020
Teens and adults

  • What sex really is: the science, the purpose, the power and the beauty
  • Our sexual landscape; dangers, challenges and choices
  • Identity
  • Breaking the shame cycle
  • Authentic connection
  • Present vs future self

13 Truths & Lies

Lies we believe truth that frees us Teens and adults
  • A conversation and group discussion based workshop tackling some of the lies society tells us about sexuality and identity, and replacing them with truth based on fact and research.

Corporate Wellness

Various topics including:
Sexual wellness
Digital wellness
Relational wellness

  • Please email for further information

Family & Small Group Sessions

Creating and implementing a game plan for digital wellness

Families and groups

  • Please email for further information