Equipping generations for powerful conversations

Some conversations are tough to have, but it is often the most challenging dialogues which bring the greatest freedom and deepest connection. The heart of The Chat is to catalyze healthy, open, life-giving conversations around some of the big topics, such as sex, smart phones and social media in homes, schools and communities.

Birds, Bees and Destinies

Who we are

THE CHAT is a culture-shaping movement which exists to start conversations and impart accurate information around issues like sex, identity, social media and pornography. We believe that if these issues are left unaddressed they threaten to derail a generation. 

The heart of THE CHAT is to empower parents to confidently tackle big topics with their kids in a natural, open manner which creates a safe space for on-going conversations. We also equip tweens and teens to make healthy, future-focused decisions around their sexuality, and to be wise digital users. Our passion is to help cultivate deep family connections and help raise a generation who are secure in who they are and where they are going.

THE CHAT was founded and is led by Christy Herselman and is overseen by The Rock Church in Durban, South Africa.

Safe space.
Deep connection.

How It Started​

THE CHAT was birthed in 2014 at a 7-year-old’s birthday party. During a mom chat, the question was asked, “Have you told your daughter about sex?” The question took us by surprise so Christy volunteered to do some research and report back. A few weeks later, the first session of THE CHAT took place in a lounge in Durban North.  Since then we have journeyed with churches, educators, children, teens and parents and the movement has grown exponentially and continues to gain momentum.

Talks & Workshops

We currently offer the following talks and workshops. 

The Chat 101

Equipping parents to talk about sex with their children

Audience: Parents of children aged 0-12

Engaging Tweens & Teens

New conversations about sexuality and future-focused decision making
Audience: Parents of children aged 9-18


Raising healthy digital users in a modern world
Audience: Parents of kids with internet access

#Wellconnected Workshops

Workshops equipping healthy digital users
Audience: Gr 3-12

Sex, Selfies and Social Media

Sexual freedom in an ever changing landscape
Audience: Teens & adults

13 Truths and Lies

Lies we believe and the truth that sets us free
Audience:Teens & young adults

Each topic can be held as a talk or a workshop. Costs vary according to the duration of the talk or workshop.

Future-focused decisions

Where we are going

Collaborations: We are continually building partnerships with like-minded professionals, schools, churches and organisations such as Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training, Made for More and Lungusani Indlela, in order to resource schools,  by running workshops, assisting with curriculum development and training facilitators.

The Chat: Birds, Bees and Destinies: We recently published our first book and we are currently doing research for our second book.

Video-based courses: Our first video-based course, The Chat 101, is now available. We plan to launch two new video resources in 2019 –  #wellconnected and The Chat: Engaging Tweens & Teens

Product development: We are continually researching and expanding our course offering to include other major issues threatening the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical health of our young people


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